Born 1951, lives and works in Israel


1984   Art Studies, University of Haifa, Israel
1978   B. Arch, Architecture and Town Planning, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology


2018  Sidewalk Sukkah, Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan, NY, USA
2017  950 sqm, Jerusalem Biennale, Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
2016-2019  120 anniversary of the birth of Marcel Janco


2020 (mar) Eretz Israel Museum: Installation: Mashrabia Towers. 
2020 (Feb) Museum of Biblical Art – The MBA, Dallas – curators conference 
2019 Open Closed Open: Circle1 Gallery Berlin. 
2019 Chaotic Harmony: Jerusalem Journeys Art Exhibition, Museum of Biblical Art – The MBA, Dallas
2018 Galleria Zabert di Roberto Grasselli, Torino, Italy 2018 Officina della Scrittura, Torino, Italy 
2018 ‘Bridge Palermo Jerusalem’, Sala delle Verifiche allo Steri di Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Curators: Flavia Alaimo, Ermanno Tedeschi
2018 Like riding on a camel, The Artists House, Rishon Lezion, Israel. Curators: Vera Pilpoul, Arie Berkowitz 
2017 950 sqm, Jerusalem Biennale, Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem, Israel. Curator: Dr. Smadar Sheffi
2017 Art stage Singapore, Bruno Art Group
2016 KIAF Art Fair in Seoul, Bruno Art Group
2016 Art Zurich, E3 Gallery (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
2016 Scratching the surface, Clark gallery, Lincoln, MA, USA
2015 Mercy Gallery, Loomis Chaffee, Windsor, CT, USA
2015 Artist in Residency, Loomis Chaffee, Windsor, CT, USA
2015 Chase Gallery, Mendel Center, Hartford, CT, USA
2015 Creating impressions, Artist House, Tel Aviv, Israel
2015 Art Hamptons (E3 Gallery), NY, USA
2015 Scope art NY (E3 Gallery -Koninklijke villa), NY, USA
2014 Scope art Miami (E3 Gallery -Koninklijke villa), FL, USA
2014 A Bird on Wire, Bar David Museum, Baram, Israel
2014 The Secret, Jaffa Port, Tel-aviv, Israel
2014 Scope art NY (Koninklijke villa) , NY, USA
2013 Koninklijke villa, Oostende, Belgium
2013 Atelier Sher, Art Monaco Fair, Grimaldi Forum, Monaco
2011 Opera House, Tel Aviv, Israel
2007 Reflection, Haagam municipal Gallery, Raanana, Israel 
2005 The Artist Way, Haagam municipal Gallery, Raanana, Israel
2002 This is his Tattoo, Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 


2020 (March) On-Off – Biennale for art and design, Erez Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
2019 Humen Nature: stoning – the Jerusalem Art Biannale 2019.
2019 (oct) Unforgettable Childhood, Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy
2019 Unforgettable Childhood, Jewish Museum, Bologna, Italy.
2018 Spirit of Israel, Erez Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel
2018 Unforgettable Childhood, Artists House, Tel Aviv, Israel
2018 Unforgettable Childhood, Matera, Italy
2017 Spirit of Israel, Tel Aviv, Israel
2017 Personal Structures, Venice Biennale, European cultural Center, Italy
2017 Ricordi Futuri 2.0, Torino, Italy
2016 Scope Art Miami, Clark Gallery, Boston, MA
2016 House Events Waves, Working Materials, Haifa, Israel
2016 Masterpieces contemporary art fair, Rosenbach Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
2016 Contemporary art, Jakarta, Indonesia
2016 Gold Mind, 45 Florentine gallery, Fresh paint contemporary art fair, Tel Aviv, Israel
2016 Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel
2015 Scope Miami (Chesterfield Gallery), NY, USA
2015 Hotel Alegra, Jerusalem, Israel
2015 “City Center Quarter” Tower, Tel Aviv, Israel
2015 Koresh Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
2015 Gravitation – installation, Janco Dada Museum foyer, Ein Hod, Israel
2015 Refresh – Florentin 45 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2014 E(merge), Washington DC, USA
2014 Fresh paint contemporary art fair, Tel Aviv, Israel
2014 Château musée Grimaldi de Cagnes sur Mer, France
2014 Passover exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2014 Initium Novum, Dacia Gallery, NY, USA
2013 Art Laren, the Brink, Laren, Netherlands
2013 Dacia Universal Art Project, Erfurt, Germany
2013 Dacia Universal Art Project, Sibiu, Romania
2013 Group Exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2013 Unity Exhibition, Memoir de l’avenir gallery, Paris, France
2012 Avner Sher Paintings, Contemporary Art Fair, Javits Center, NY, USA
2012 Art show on Broadway, Dacia Gallery, NY, USA
2012 The Miami River Art Fair during Art Basel Week, Miami, FL, USA
2012 Nina Torres Gallery, Miami, FL, USA
2005 The Israel Painters & Sculptors Association, Haifa, Israel


2019 Die Kratzer sind gewollt (Berlin) 
2019 Portrait of the week Below the surface 
2018 Avner Sher – Bridge Palermo Jerusalem, artribune
2018 Avner Sher: Collateral Interview Manifesta 12 Palermo, artlyst
2018 The artist Avner Sher shows Bridge Palermo Jerusalem at Manifesta,  reflecting on migration past and present in an extensive solo show, fadmagazine. 
2018 The artist avner sher rewrites the ancient map of Palermo Fotogallery on the cork – 
2018 Migration Matters: Avner Sher Bridge Palermo – Jerusalem opens at Manifasta. 
2018 On cork we read the history of the world – Palermo Today
2018 Sher Avner E Le Mappe Immaginarie Di Palermo Che Portano A Gerusalemme, palermocapitalecultura 
2018 Sher maps on cork – Giornale Di Sicilia 
2018 Sher maps on the cork – PALERMO24H 
2018 Cork to tell the world – BE newspapaer 
2018 The history of the world is read on the cork in Palermo, from 14th to 31st August the works of  the Israeli artist Anver Sher – Cronaca Oggi Quotidiano 
2018 On cork we read the history of the world showing the works of Anver sher – Italian newspaper 
2018 The incredible cork works by Avner Sher, BE newspaper Italy 
2018 On cork we read the history of the world, Blog Sicilia Italy 
2017 The city painted together- biennale of Jerusalem by Eitan Buganim 
2017 950sqm Alternative topographies, by Smadar Sheffi 
2017 Single Exhibition – Biennale of Jerusalem by Ortal Ganon. 
2017 Jerusalem Syndrome, Jerusalem newspaper 
2017 From Caesarea to the walls of Jerusalem, by Rotem Gutman 
2017 Take Cover, Jerusalem newspaper 
2017 The Window by Smadar Sheffi 
2017 EL-AL : Maps of Jerusalem on cork 
2017 Alternative topographies: Tower of David 
2017 Palazzo Bembo, Jerusalem 950sqm 
2016 Scratching the Surface, Boston Globe’s review on the solo exhibition at Clark gallery 
2015 Past, Present, Futere – by Arie Berkowitz 
2015 Erev Rav- directed Injury by Dr Ktzia Alon 
2015 Gravitation – museum Yanko Dada 
2015 120th anniversary of the important artist Marcel Janco by Hagit Peleg-Rotem 
2015 Israeli architect and artist Avner Sher – Loomis Chaffee
2015 Scratching the Surface, A book edited by Revital Alcalay
2014 A bird on wire, Exhibition catalog 
2014 Breeder Program selection
2014 Buzzing Solo Booths: Report from the Armory Show, Volta, and SCOPE, By Charlie Schulz, 
2014 Builds and destroys, Yediot Haifa 
2014 Minister of Planning, Yediot Hadera
2013 Atelier Sher, exhibition catalog 
2013 Principality Of Monaco – Avner Sher
2012 Scratching the Surface by editor, Arts Observer
2012 Images in the Chaos, by Hilly Moyal, Makor Rishon newspaper
2012 Avner Sher Paintings, exhibition catalog
2012 Avner Sher, exhibition catalog, with the Current Art Group
2007 Reflection, exhibition catalog
2005 Exhibition Catalog, The Israel Painters & Sculptors Association, Haifa
2003 The Madness of Destruction, by Anat Medan, Yediot Aharonot newspaper
2003 A New Inner World, by Alis Blitenthal, Makor Rishon newspaper
2002 This is his Tattoo, exhibition catalog
2002 Israeli Artists, by Yehuda May, Auction Magazine 


Baram Museum, Israel 2014 
Officina della Scrittura museom, Italy 2018 
Janco Dada Museum, Israel 2015 
Palermo University, Italy 2018 
Prime Minister office, Israel 2018 
El – AL company (David Maymon), Israel 2017 
Rivkin Family, Israel 2002 
Beizman Family, Israel 2002 
Frank Alexander Salaris Collection, NY, USA 2007 
Beilin Collection, CA, USA 2007 
Katz Family, Miami, FL, USA 2013 
Richard Mashaal Collection, NY, USA 2013 
Senvest Collection, Montréal, Canada 2013 
Amirey Zichron Yaakov LTD, Israel 2013 
Katz Family, Miami, FL, USA 2014 
S.M. Abrams Collection, NY, USA 2015 
Harnden family, Boston, MA, USA 2015 
JP Murray Family, Beverly Hills, CA, USA 2015 
Youn Pill Suk, Seou 2015 
Kristal Family Collection, Israel 2015 
Joe & Stella Katan, Geneva, Switzerland 2016 
Vagilio Family, Torino 2016 
Rozen Family, Jerusalem, Israel 2016 
Yim suyoun G Koo Vincent, Seoul 2016 
Schneider Hospital, Israel 2016 
Michael Tau’A, Israel 2016 
Galleria Zabert, Italy 2018 
Goldforb Family, Israel 2019 
Big Hotels Company, Israel 2019 
Yanay Lehavi & Florence Cavanna Lehavi, LA 2019